1861 - Gulf of Mexico, Sisal Reefs - Antique Chart

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Item number: CAR015
Genuine Antique Nautical Chart


Maker: Hydrographic Office of the Admiralty.

Antique black and white nautical chart of the Sisal and Madagascar Reefs, off the coastal town of Sisal on the northwest coast of the Yucatan peninsula, in the southern Gulf of Mexico, near the Yucatan's capital, Merida; includes close-up insets of the reefs, and of Sisal's anchorage, as well as a profile of the town and its castle from the anchorage; surveyed by one Comm. Barnett of the Royal Navy in 1838, corrected to 1861. Very good condition with a small dent near center, measures approx. 11 x 11 inches.

Item Number: CAR015