1860 - Johnson's North America - Antique Map

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Item number: NAM250
Hand Colored Genuine Antique Map


Maker: Johnson & Browning.

Antique hand colored map of North America and Central America from Johnson's New Illustrated Family Atlas of the World, 1860. Features early county borders in Canada, Alaska as a Russian possession, and interesting state borders in the US: Dakotah is small, Nebraska stretches to Canada, Washington wraps around Oregon, Utah is huge and has a funny knob on the east side although there is indication of Nevada being formed, Arizona and New Mexico are both horizontal, Kansas is huge and Colorado, Montana, and Idaho do not yet exist. Decorative border, approx. 22" x 17" to outer border edge. Fair condition with light toning, some light image transfer (aka ghosting), foxing spots, and small seam separations on both sides that go into the border, all of which have been repaired with archival tape. Priced as is.

Item Number: NAM250