Colorful engraving of a fish with a black spot on its side and a black stripe near its eye. Yellow, red, blue, and purple-pink. Digitally-Engraved-Specialty-Reproduction-La-Tache-Noire-(Reproduction-on-Antique-Paper)-Digitally-Engraved-Specialty-Reproduction---Reproduction-Maps-Of-Antiquity

La Tache Noire (Reproduction on Antique Paper)

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Item number: REP422A
Digitally Engraved Specialty Reproduction


Maker: Reproduction.


High-quality hand-printed and hand colored reproduction of an antique print of a colorful fish, "La Tache Noire" (the black spot) possibly a fanciful version of an angelfish or something similar. Printed on antique notebook/ledger paper. Made using a combination of modern technology and traditional methods, wherein an original is scanned, its likeness is digitally etched onto an engraving plate, then the plate is used to print the image in the traditional way, with a printing press. The print is then hand colored. Entire page measures approximately 12.25" x 16.75". This print has some small holes in the center fold. For other reproductions made in this method, please see the left side bar category "Digitally Engraved Specialty Reproductions". 


Item Number: REP422A