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1999 - Lake Erie, Graveyard of the Great Lakes, Major Wrecks Since 1600 A.D. - Antique Map

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Item number: MWE225
Printed Color Map


Maker: Cook & Cook.


Handsome blue and white printed map by Cook & Cook, Ltd., of Lake Erie's sunken wrecks, part of its "Great Lakes Series," showing general distribution of all the lake's known shipwrecks, with vessel type, name, date, and number lost; also contains several vignettes describing amazing survival stories, collision stories, and superstitions; includes several famous local lighthouses and a legend showing the different kinds of vessels that sank. Very good overall antique condition, measures approx. 22 x 28 inches. This is sold out, but we have modern prints of this map here: Shipwrecks of Lake Erie


Item Number: MWE225