Map of Cape Cod and Vicinity - Reproduction

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Item number: REP059FYAR


Maker: Walker.


High quality color smaller reproduction in an elegant burl with antique gold-look trim frame, of the 1892 map of Cape Cod, including Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket and part of Plymouth County, published by George Walker. Print measures approx. 23 inches x 21 inches. This map is relatively unusual for early maps of Cape Cod because it show Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket in the correct sizes and places. Many other maps either do not include the islands, or the islands are shown in a different size and place as inset maps for the convenience of the map publisher. This map also shows the ferry and excursion boat lines around Cape Cod and the Islands. Both islands had their own railroad lines because, as Bob says - you weren't anyone unless you had a railroad in those days-. The lines worked in conjunction with the railroads, because the railroad cars would be put onto the ferry and then an engine on the island would pick up the cars on the other side. This map is also pre-automobile and all of the roads are horse and buggy roads. This is a custom conservation framed made piece and sample price is for store pick up only. The frame is an elegant burl frame with antique gold edges. This item may require additional time if not already framed. Less expensive frame options are available. Framed items are shipped at additional cost. Also available unframed: Item codes Large size REP059 and Extra Large Size REP059XL.


Item Number: REP059FYAR