Map of Wychmere, at Harwich Port, Barnstable County, Mass., on Cape Cod, Surrounding the Mere or Salt Water Pond, on the shore of Vineyard Sound, Fronting the Atlantic Ocean. - Reproduction Map

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Item number: REP644


Colored reproduction of Wychmere in Harwich by A.L. Weekes. From "This harbor was once known as Salt Pond and it had no opening to the ocean. There was a small stream of water exchanged between pond and ocean, but nothing that would allow any sort of vessels to access the pond. Fishermen tried in vain to dig a channel by hand. When that failed, the stream was plugged and a makeshift race track was made around the pond for the locals to race their horses. Salt Pond did not become the harbor seen today until 1887 when a channel was dug to the ocean and jetties were built. The new harbor was not named 'Wychmere' until the mid-1920s when a group of tycoons bought the land surrounding the harbor and as well as some land in South Harwich. They called themselves the Wychmere Syndicate and their mission, in part, was to give the harbor a better name than Salt Pond. Wychmere can translate to 'salt lake,' because 'Wych' is believed to come from the British 'wich' meaning where salt is found, and 'mere' is Scottish for lake. Occupying a large area on the western side of Wychmere Harbor is the Wychmere Beach Club. The Harbor House at the Beach Club was once the location of the iconic family restaurant, Thompson's Clam Bar." This map shows the area c. 1920s after the channel was dug, and the surrounding land purchased. You can see cottage sites for sale and for rent. The Snow Inn is on the map, which exited until 1993 and is now part of the grounds of the Wychmere Beach Club. Image measures approx. 9 x 12.75 inches to the decorative border. Measured to the edges of the printed area. Paper may be larger but can be trimmed as needed.


Item Number: REP644