1867 - Mountains & Rivers - Antique Map

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Item number: COM045
Genuine Antique Hand Colored Map

c. 1867

Maker: Colton.

Antique hand colored mountains and rivers comparative map, showing principal mountains and bodies of water in the world as known c. 1867. This comparative map is stunning for its composition, artistic layout and information. Some of the information in now known to be inaccurate, for example, the Mississippi and Missouri River is listed as the longest river. At this time the tallest mountain was believed to be Kangchenjunga (now known to be the third tallest). Lake Victoria had not been discovered yet (or perhaps only had not yet been navigated). This map also indicates the elevations of some cities (Cuzco, Potosi), the snow lines, tree, lines, and region of lichens, the elevations of some lakes (Titicaca, Tsumereri), and the relative heights of some buildings ( St Pauls in London, St Peters in Rome), and the height of Niagara Falls. With fold, as issued. Very good overall antique condition with mild toning throughout, and some small tears at the outer edges of the paper. Key is on the back side. Map measures approximately 17" x 26.5" (H x W) to the outer edge of the decorative border.

Item Number: COM045