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1855 - Sketch of South Farallon Island, Pacific Ocean (California) - Antique Coast Chart

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Item number: NAU436
Genuine Antique Coast Survey Chart


Maker: USCS


Antique coast survey of the Farallon Islands, by the US Coast Survey, 1855. The islands lie 30 miles outside the Golden Gate and 20 miles south of Point Reyes, and are visible from the mainland on clear days. The islands are part of the City and County of San Francisco. The islands were long known by the name Islands of the Dead to the Native Americans who lived in the Bay Area prior to the arrival of Europeans, but they are not thought to have traveled to them, either for practical reasons (the voyage and landing would be difficult and dangerous) or because of spiritual beliefs (the islands were believed to be an abode of the spirits of the dead). Three views with section lines on the map to indicate where the view is. Hand-colored by our professional colorist. Very good antique condition, with minor toning, some spots/foxing. Measures approx. 13.25x 12.75 inches.


Item Number: NAU436