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1925 - New York Bird's Eye View *****SOLD***** - Antique Map

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Item number: TOW353
Genuine Antique Hand Colored Map

c. 1925

Maker: Nostrand.

View of New York and Vicinity. Printed color antique bird's-eye view of New York, New York and environs in the early 20th century, with fascinating details of Manhattan and its boroughs - Staten Island, Westchester, Queens, Brooklyn, Naussau counties, New Jersey, including a proposed bridge over the Hudson River that would become the George Washington Bridge in 1931, the Coney Island Ferris Wheel, and a still active Ellis Island that was beginning to process more detainees and deportees than immigrants, as well as the timely juxtaposition of many sailing vessels afloat in the harbor while an early airplane flies overhead. Very good condition, with one smudge in the area of Newark Bay and some minor soiling along a few fold lines. Map was restored, cleaned, flattened, and backed with a light-weight paper. Measures approx. 19 x 29 inches. **SOLD**

Item Number: TOW353