Newport, R.I., Eldridge Nautical Chart No. 34 - Reproduction

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Item number: REP542

Maker: Eldridge.

High quality reproduction of an antique Nautical Chart of the waters around Newport, Rhode Island by George W. Eldridge, with blue water. Shows water depths, sailing directions, etc., and includes a key for location of Buoys, location of Rocks, Sunken Rocks, Life Saving Stations, Sailing Lines, Best Anchorage, etc. Printed area measures approximately 27" x 36" (H x W) overall. Measured to the edges of the printed area. Paper may be larger but can be trimmed as needed. *Note: This is the large, blue water reproduction. See REP542BW for the smaller, black and white version or See REP542S for the smaller, blue water version.* **these are printed on demand and may require additional processing time of up to 7 days**

Item Number: REP542