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1939 - A Map of the Hut System of the Appalachian Mountain Club - Antique Map

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Item number: NHA410
Genuine Antique Map


Maker: Hazel de Berard

Antique printed color map of the hut system of the Appalachian Mountain Club by Hazel de Berard, 1939. This delightful map of the White Mountain / presidential mountain area in New Hampshire shows the location of AMC huts and routes bewteen them, as well as mountain peaks, railroads, and more. Illustrations decorate the map throughout. Under the map is a elevation chart of the route and the border contains views of the huts, mountains, and landscape, with a blank box for the owner to record their own trip. A previous owner made some marks in this box in pencil. Map is mounted on a board and framed without glass in original framing. Very good antique condition with overall toning and some damage to the right side edge where the board is popping out of the frame. Should be reframed with UV protective glass in order to preserve it. Measures approx. 14.75 x 19 inches to the outside edge of the frame.

Item Number: NHA410