1841 - No. 16. Mitchell's Series of Outline Maps for the use of Academies & Schools. Illinois and Indiana - Antique Map

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Item number: MWE332
Genuine Antique Hand Colored School Map


Maker: Mitchell.

Antique hand colored school map of Illinois and Indiana from Mitchell's series of Outline Maps published by Mather, Case, Tiffany, & Burnham in 1841. Features cities marked with numbers (theoretically for the students to learn the various cities), and also shows the small beginnings of the railway system- the thin pink lines between points indicated existant railroads and the green lines probably indicate proposed railroads. Good to very good condition with some minor surface soiling and signs of age. Has some pencil writings indicating river names. Has original hanging rings on back. Approx. 27 x 22.5 inches to the neatline.

Item Number: MWE332