1950s - North Dakota - Land of Opportunity - Antique Pictorial Map

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Item number: MWE386
Genuine Antique Pictorial Map


Maker: Clell G. Gannon.

Antique printed color pictorial map of North Dakota made by Clell G. Gannon in the 1950s, and published by the Greater North Dakota Association. This map seeks to highlight the state's abundance of crops, livestock, and job opportunities. The text at the bottom explains that not only should North Dakotans be able to find work in their own state, but that more people will be needed to fill all of the many employment positions. Vibrant original color. Printed on heavy paper. Very good condition with some toning at paper edges. Approx. 13.25 x 23.5 inches to the neatline.

Item Number: MWE386