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1861 - Ancient View of The Present Junction of Pearl & Chatham Sts. Chatham Square & Bowery.-1861 - Antique Print

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Item number: NYC257
Genuine Antique Print


Maker: Valentine's Manual

Antique black & white lithograph print published in D. T. Valentine's 1861 manual of New York City, shows a view of old landmarks in Chatham Square. A-Catiemuts Hill, B-The Fresh Water, C-The Fresh Water Bridge, D-The Jews Burying Ground, E-Rutgers Farm House, F-The Bowery Road, G-The Road to the Ferry(present Pearl St,) H-Road to the City, K-Walpherts Meadow. Good condition, approximately 4.5 x 7" to the paper edges.

Item Number: NYC257