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1900 circa - New York - Antique Map

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Item number: NYO1154
Genuine Antique Map

1900 circa

Maker: Cram

Antique printed-color map of New York. This map shows all of the railroads in NY using a vibrant rainbow color-coded system. The empty corner in the lower left was probably supposed to have an inset map of Long Island, but it was accidentally left blank. It is undated and lacking any publishing information, but it was almost certainly published in George F. Cram's Standard American Railway System Atlas, which was published in several editions during the 1890s and early 1900s. The red circles and numbers on the map correspond to the numbered key to the railroads in the upper left. Very good condition with some slight toning. Approximately 22.25" x 16.25" to the neatline.

Item Number: NYO1154