1850 - Fort la Presentation. Anno 1749 now Ogdensburgh St. Laurence Co. NY - Antique Map

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Item number: NYO955
Genuine Antique Map


Maker: Documentary History of the State of New York

Antique map showing Fort de la Presentation in Ogdensburg, St. Lawrence Co. NY, from the Documentary History of the State of New York, 1850. The fort was built in 1749 by a French priest. In 1758, with the Seven Years' War intensifying, a French-Canadian military commander took charge of a garrison at the fort. In 1759, French military forces abandoned the fort to move to Fort Lévis. Ultimately the British besieged that fort and Montréal. After the British victories of 1760, the French ceded their Canadian territory to Great Britain. The British renamed it Fort Oswegatchie. It remained under their control until 1796, after Jay's Treaty, when redefinition of the northern boundary caused the land to be taken over by the United States. The first settlement under an American flag began that year. American residents named the town Ogdensburg. Very good condition with some small spots. Title is perpendicular to the map. Measures approx. 8.5 x 11 inches to the paper edges (there is no neatline on this map).

Item Number: NYO955