1850 - Village of Buffalo - Antique Map

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Item number: NYO958
Genuine Antique Map


Maker: Documentary History of the State of New York

Antique map of Buffalo, NY, By Richard H. Pease, "From Maps in the Offices of Secretary of State & Surveyor General," published in the Documentary History of the State of New York, 1850. This shows the street plan and lots as they were in 1850. Inset map is titled "Map of the Village of New Amsterdam (now the City of Buffalo) Made for the Holland Land Company by Joseph Ellicott, Surveyor, 1804. With folds as issued. Very good condition with some mild image transfer, tight margin on top left, and small repaired tear at top. Measures approx. 20 x 15.75 inches to the neatline.

Item Number: NYO958