1882 - Part of Clinton, MA, Sheet 2 - Antique Map

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Item number: MAS2219
Genuine Antique Map


Maker: Sanborn Map & Publishing Co..

Antique map of part of Clinton, Massachusetts, published by the Sanborn Map & Publishing Co. 1882. This map is also stamped by the C.C. Kimball & Co. Insurance Company 1884 to show the year it was updated. This map includes six small areas of the town: High St at Kendall Court and Pond Court, Sterling St at the Clinton Foundry Co., Water St at the Clinton Yarn Co., Nashua River at S. Harris & Sons Comb Works, the intersections of Mechanic, Chestnut, and Grove Sts, and Sterling and Main at Gibbs, Loom Harness & Reed Co. showing property owners, building types, and more. This map is in good condition with some minor stains, a texture to the paper, and folds. Measures approx. 25 x 21 inches to the paper edges.

Item Number: MAS2219