1867 - Photographs and an Illustration of New York Properties - Antique Print

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Item number: NYO640
Genuine Antique Print


Maker: Beers, Ellis, and Soule.

Antique page featuring two black and white prints of photographs showing the Old Dutch Church (Sleepy Hollow, New York) and Sunnyside (printed as "Sunny Side,") the former residence of famous author, Washington Irving. Page also features a black and white illustration of the residence of A. B. Baylis, Esq. in Bedford Village, New York. Fairly good condition with some foxing of the paper and some wrinkling of the page. By Beers, Ellis, and Soule, in the Atlas of New York and Vicinity, 1867. Measures approximately 13.25" x 12.75". (Note: These illustrations can be separated, if desired. Please contact us if this is of interest.)

Item Number: NYO640