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1884 - Planisphere Celeste, Hemisphere Austral, Hemisphere Boreal**SOLD** - Antique Map

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Item number: CEL047
Genuine Antique Hand Colored Map


Maker: Migeon.

Antique hand colored map, from J. Migeon's "Geographie Universelle," 1884, one of the last hand colored atlases, showing the Celestial Planisphere of both the southern and northern hemispheres, with the Milky Way ("Voie Lactee") shown in blue, the positions of the stars in each month of the year, and a key to the sizes of individual stars; includes accompanying narrative pages. Very good overall antique condition, hemispheres are 7.5 inches in diameter, entire page measures 13.5 x 18 inches.**SOLD**

Item Number: CEL047