1943 - Reg Manning's Cartoon Guide of Arizona - Antique Map

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Item number: WES383
Genuine Antique Book with Pictorial Folding Map


Maker: Reg Manning.


Antique book and map by Reg Manning published in 1943. This book is full of information about Arizona's towns, flora, fauna, people, notable sites, and more with many cartoon illustrations. Much of the "information" about the native peoples would be considered not politically correct today and some would be considered unacceptable entirely. This book was published originally in 1938 and this is a reprint. At the back of the book there is a pocket attached to the inner cover where a folding pictorial map is included. This map is in sepia tone and filled with illustrations and information. Both book and map are in very good condition, map has slight edge wear at bottom. Map measures approx. 19 x 16 inches to the paper edges.  


Item Number: WES383