Tercentenary Map of Barnstable Mass. 1639-1939 - Reproduction

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Item number: REP649
High Quality Giclee Reproduction


High quality giclee reproduction of an antique map of Barnstable Massachusetts made in 1939 to celebrate the town's 300th anniversary, designed and drawn by James F. McLaughlin of Hyannis. This map includes wonderful historical details with some illustrations, including Old Ironsides in command of Captain "Mad Jack" Percival, the first windmill, old saltworks, historic buildings, roads, and more. At bottom are two maps showing Barnstaple in Old England and Barnstable in New England. Map labels the names of native peoples as well as the modern day villages, and has a nice depiction of Sandy Neck. This reproduction could be hand colored by our professional colorist for an additional cost- this will give the map a bit more pop! Measures approx. 19.5 x 20.5 inches to the printed edges. Paper may be larger but can be trimmed as needed.


Item Number: REP649