The Whale Ship Charles Morgan - Reproduction

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Item number: REP768
Probably a Reproduction


Print showing the Charles Morgan. It is unclear whether this is an original print by Joseph A Phelan or a reproduction, but the paper does have the appearance of age. The Charles W. Morgan is the last of an American whaling fleet that numbered more than 2,700 vessels. It is now America’s oldest commercial ship still afloat – only the USS Constitution is older. The Morgan was launched on July 21, 1841, from New Bedford, Massachusetts. Over an 80-year whaling career, the Morgan embarked on 37 voyages with most lasting three years or more. Built for durability, not speed, it roamed every corner of the globe in pursuit of whales. The Morgan is known as a “lucky ship,” having successfully navigated crushing Arctic ice, countless storms, Cape Horn roundings and, after finishing its whaling career, even the Hurricane of 1938. After its whaling days ended in 1921, the Morgan was preserved by Whaling Enshrined, Inc. and exhibited at Edward H.R. Green’s estate at Round Hill in South Dartmouth, Massachusetts, until 1941. In November of that year, the Morgan came to Mystic Seaport Museum where it has since dominated the waterfront at Chubb’s Wharf. The whaleship was designated a National Historic Landmark by order of the Secretary of the Interior in 1966. Entire page measures approximately 17" x 20.75" (H x W). Very good condition with some spots and possibly some tea-staining to the paper to give it an old appearance.

Item Number: REP768