1836/1905 - West Coast of South America Sheet XIV Peru - Independencia Bay to Begueta Bay - Antique Chart

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Item number: SAM423
Genuine Antique Nautical Chart


Maker: Hydrographic Office of the British Admiralty

Antique nautical chart by the British Admiralty of the coast of Peru from Independencia Bay to Begueta Bay, with a first publication date of 1836, with additions and corrections in 1881, 1885, and 1905. Includes Lima, Pisco, Cerro Azul, Huacho, and more. Inset maps of Salinas & Chica Bays, Ancon Bay, and the Chincha Isles (which Spain,desiring the guano profits, occupied in April 1864 , setting off the Chincha Islands War (1864 €“1866)). Seven recognition profiles in the lower left, and three compasses. Very good antique condition with some stains mostly at the edges. Measures approx. 24.5 x 18.5 inches to the neatline.

Item Number: SAM423