1866 - Saratoga Springs (NY) - Antique Map

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Item number: NYO553
Hand Colored Engraved Genuine Antique Map


Maker: Stone and Stewart.

This antique, hand colored, engraved map of the town of Saratoga Springs, from the New Topographical Atlas of Saratoga County New York, was published by Stone and Stewart in 1866. All property owners of the day are listed. Villages, railroads, post offices, major cities, streets, rivers, lakes, and land features are detailed. Measures approximately 14 x 25 inches, and is in fair antique condition, with some minor small spotting and damage on the left side that can be hidden under matting when the map is framed. Backed with linen. Slight wrinkling/bubbling on left side where map is not attached to linen backing. Priced as is.

Item Number: NYO553