1809 - The Continent of America with all the discoveries to the year 1801*****SOLD***** - Antique Print

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Item number: NAM141
Laurie & Whittle


Maker: Laurie and Whittle.

Highly decorative map of the New World, includes North America, South America, Central America, Hawaii - Sandwich Islands, South Pacific to North End of New Zealand, much of Europe, West Africa, Kentucky and Tenessee are recent states but Georgia and Florida extend to the Mississippi, Mexico and Canada borders are ill defined, Louisiana purchase, Native American tribes shown, some coloring by empire. Restored, minor staining along original atlas folds, 2 double sheets joined, restored color, backed on linen, decorative cartouche in black and white of flowing waters and forests, 45" x 56", very good condition.*****SOLD*****

Item Number: NAM141