1896 - The Graphic Map of Africa - Antique Map

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Item number: AFR238
Genuine Antique Printed Color Map

c. 1896

Maker: Stanford / The Graphic.

Antique printed color map of Africa showing the political divisions in 1896. The text under the title explains "The political Boundaries &c. are printed in black on a very light ground for the sake of clearness. Firm lines are Treaty boundaries. Dotted lines are undefined boundaries." A detailed map of Africa printed with light grey ink is overlayed with black ink and color to delineate the areas owned by the various European powers and uncolores areas denoting independent nations or unclaimed areas. Drawn and engraved at Stanford's Geog. Establishment. Published c. 1896 in a British magazine called The Graphic. Approx. 12.75 x 10 inches to the neatline. Good to very good condition with some stains in the margins, a horizontal fold at center, and a slight crease at the upper left corner.

Item Number: AFR238