1960/1966 - The Oregon Trail - The Highway of the Pioneers to the Pacific Northwest - Antique Pictorial Map

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Item number: WES390
Printed Color Pictorial Map


Maker: McIlwraith / Binfords & Mort.

Printed color pictorial map showing the Oregon Trail. This map is a reproduction done by Binfords & Mort in 1960/1966, after the original 1930s map by illustrator W.F. McIlwraith. The subtitle of the map reads "From Westport, now Kansas City to Oregon City by way of Forts Kearney, Laramie, Bridger, Hall, and Boise, also the Sublette and Lander Cutoffs and the Bozeman and Applegate Trails and the Overland Trail to the Sacramento Valley and the California Gold Mines." The map is done in a bird's eye view style with wagon trains, tipis, herds of Buffalo, the Rocky Mountains. Covered wagons, mountains, tipis, and settlers fill the top and bottom borders, along with state seals, and in the side borders are portraits of notable people and scenes of life on the Oregon Trail. This map was reproduced again in the 1980s with slightly different coloring, but we know that this is the 1960s version because of the copyright in the lower right corner. Very good condition with one crease in the upper right. Measures approx. 17.25 x 32.75 inches to the neatline. **SOLD**

Item Number: WES390