1939 - The Story Map of Scotland, verso A Pictorial Map of Italy *****SOLD***** - Antique Pictorial Map

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Item number: EUR2440
Genuine Antique Printed Color Pictorial Map with Genuine Antique Uncolored Pictorial Map on verso


Maker: Colortext Publications, Inc..

Antique printed color pictorial map of Scotland, published by Colortext, 1939. Features a decorative cartouche, compass rose, illustration of the Stewart Clan's coat of arms with the clan's motto "Virescit vulnere virtus", and a border at the sides consisting of the Tartans with the Scottish clan name below each. Included throughout the map are historical details, folklore, and illustrations of historical figures, local fauna, famous architecture, ships sailing the seas, sea monsters, etc. On verso is a pictorial map of Italy by Ernest Dudley Chase and printed by Colortext Publications. With numerous illustrations of notable architecture, both in the map and around the border. Many sea monsters inhabit the waters and an ornate cartouche and compass rose elevate the style. This sheet was apparently trimmed to the size of the Scotland map, causing parts of the border on the Italy map to be cut away. Both maps are in good to very good overall antique condition with mild toning throughout and some wear at the paper edges. The sheet measures approximately 16" x 12" (H x W). **SOLD**

Item Number: EUR2440