1924 - The Wonderground Map of London Town **SOLD** - Antique Map

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Item number: CSMT051DM
Genuine Antique Map


Maker: MacDonald Gill.

Antique pictorial map of London by MacDonald Gill, published by Westminster Press. This map has a copyright date of 1914 but it is the second state of the map, as evidenced by the lion in the upper left corner just above the "On to Wembley" sign. In the 1914 map there were houses there and in the later map the lion is replaced with a greyhound. From Wikipedia: [This map was] "commissioned for the underground by Frank Pick, Commercial Manager of the then-Underground Electric Railways Company of London. It is known today as the map which 'saved' the network (described in 2016 as at that time being a 'service on its knees'), by encouraging off-peak travel; this was at a time when the underground was almost solely used by commuters in the mornings and evenings. Pick deliberately decided to commission a map which gave the company, as the BBC put it, a 'stronger brand' as part of a simultaneous exercise in improving hygiene, punctuality, and image. As part of the latter, he also commissioned the 'iconic' Johnston typeface for signs and lettering at the same time. MacDonald was already a renowned decorative map-maker at the time of his commission. His Wonderland map has been described as a 'mixture of cartoon, fantasy, and topological accuracy' and became 'an instant hit with the travelling public'; using solely primary colors, London appears as a medieval town in a medieval map (for instance, using a 'decorative cursive script and dotting chivalric shields' around the edge), with contemporary aspects interspersed, combined with satirical commentary on 'accent, class and social mobility [that] were major preoccupations of 1914 London'." Features bright original color, delightful details, labels throughout, and more. Very good condition with some wear and tear at the folds. Measures approx. 29 x 36.5 inches to the neatline. **SOLD**

Item Number: CSMT051DM