Genuine Antique Printed Color Map-Third L.H. District (Lighthouses of the Northeast)-1899-U.S. Light-House Service-Maps-Of-Antiquity-1800s-19th-century

1899 - Third L.H. District (Lighthouses of the Northeast) - Antique Chart

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Item number: NAU192
Genuine Antique Printed Color Map


Maker: U.S. Light-House Service

Antique printed color chart of lighthouses along the coasts of New Jersey, Long Island and the Hudson River in New York all the way to Albany, Connecticut and Rhode Island, published in the Annual Report of the Light-House Board of the United States to the Secretary of the Treasury, 1899. Includes New York City, Manhattan, Long Island Sound, Block Island, Narragansett, and more. Shows all light houses, light ships, and the arcs of illumination for major lights, as well as a key to the kind and color of light, such as Fixed Red, Flashing White, etc. With folds, as issued. Very good overall antique condition with mild toning. Measures approximately 15.75" x 19" (H x W) to the neatline.

Model Number: NAU192