1898 - Tournament Day. The Lost Ball - Time's Almost Up - Antique Print

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Item number: SPO033
Genuine Antique Print


Maker: Harper's Weekly.


Antique black and white illustration of a scene from a golf tournament, showing a golfer and his caddie searching for a lost golf ball in the high grass. Drawn by A. B. Frost, Published in Harper's Weekly, 1898. Very good overall antique condition with some mild toning of the paper and a small stain at the top of the illustration. Image measures approximately 8.25" x 12.25" (H x W, not including the caption.) Page measures approximately 11.25" x 16" overall.  Note: any "rainbows" or strange patterns in the image are called moire pattern- caused by taking a digital photo or scan of the many parallel lines in the print- these are not in the print and we can try to take more photos if you are concerned.

Item Number: SPO033