1846 - Untitled Celestial Print - Antique Engraved Print

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Item number: OTH310
Genuine Antique Engraving


Maker: Monin.


Black and white astronomical chart by M. Monin. Astronomical chart divided into elements with a diagram of the seasons, a map of the phases of the moon, a representation of the Zodiac, a lunar and solar eclipse diagram, an Armillary sphere, etc. Prepared by M.Monin as plate no. 1 in the 1846 issue of atlas Classique de La Geographie Ancienne, du Moyen Age, et Moderne, a L'Usage des Colleges et des Pensiones pour servir a L'Etude de La Geographie et de L'Histoire, corrige et augemnte Par M. Monin, ingenieur-Geographe, membre de la Societe de Geographie.Moyen Age, et Moderne. This is half of the sheet (the left half is missing) and there is a tight margin and no border on the left side, but it should look fine framed to just inside the border lines. In good antique condition with toning, foxing, general signs of age. Measures approximately 10 x 6.75 inches to the neatline. **SOLD**


Item Number: OTH310