1868 - Nebraska and Northern Territories - Antique Map

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Item number: USA426
Genuine Antique Hand-colored Map


Maker: Stebbins / Lloyd

Antique map from the Atlas of the State of Ohio From Surveys under the Direction of H.F. Walling; to which is added an Atlas of the United States, published for Henry S. Stebbins by H.H. Lloyd & Co., 1868. Colored by county, showing railroads, proposed railroads, towns, cities, and more. Includes North and South Dakota as one territory and combined with Wyoming, as well as Nebraska, Montana, and Idaho. The northern part of Wyoming states "Unexplored Region" and the entire map is filled with information about the Native American Indians in the region. On this map there are two proposed routes for the Northern Pacific Railroad, a proposed telegraph route, a route to the gold mines, and more. This was a time of expansion and change in this part of the country. There is no Yellowstone National Park on this map but it will eventuallly be in the "unexplored region" in Wyoming. Fair antique condition with tears at the paper edges (archivally repaired), a weak vertical line in the paper that has been archivally taped to give it strength, some paper loss, some toning, small spots, and some wear at the paper edges. Mild water stain at paper edge. Paper is fragile and should be handled carefully. Measures approx. 14 x 26 inches to the outside of the decorative border. Price is reflective of condition.

Item Number: USA426