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Venetia - Reproduction Map

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Item number: REP308


Maker: Reproduction.


High quality black and white reproduction of Bolognino Zaltieri's 1565 map of Venice, which was originally engraved by Hogenberg and Braun; with elaborate depictions of the city's architecture, the surrounding lagoon, with its many gondolas and large ships arriving or departing, ; includes a reference key in Italian and an inset of a royal procession; printed on eight heavy ivory vellum-like panels, which are then backed with one large piece of linen, allowing the map to be folded; each panel measures 12.5 x 9 inches, entire map unfolded measures 25 x 36 inches. This reproduction is made by scanning an original antique map, then laser etching its exact likeness onto plates that can be printed in the intaglio style like the original map was printed. This high quality reproduction has a hand-made, antique look that makes it look like it is worth a lot more than you paid for it! **Currently Unavailable- Please contact us if you are interested in this piece.


Item Number: REP308