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Village of Chatham 1894 Bird's Eye View Print - Small Uncolored Reproduction

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Item number: REP036SM
Uncolored Reproduction


Maker: Norris.

Black and white high quality reproduction, 1894 map of Chatham. As Cape towns developed, detailed renderings of buildings and land features were desired. This one shows the land formed by geological moraine, with its many kettle-hole ponds. Size is 15" x 22" to the printed area. Paper may be larger but can be trimmed as needed. This reproduction can be hand colored by a Cape Cod artist- total cost for the print and coloring is $125....... Also available hand colored for $125 (see REP036SHC), or in a larger size, 23"h x 32"w (See REP036BW); larger hand colored version for $175 (see REP036HC), and larger printed color version for $115 (see REP036PC)........ Additional cost for custom hand coloring applies. Additional time  may be required for hand coloring or framing. Please contact us by phone or email for framed or hand colored items. This listing is for the small uncolored version.

Item Number: REP036SM