1929 - Wheaton College in the Old Colony, Norton, Mass., & the adjacent realms of House-in-the-Pines and The Hedges - Antique Pictorial Map

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Item number: MAS2067
Genuine Antique Printed Color Pictorial Map


Maker: Alva Scott Mitchell and Elizabeth Paige May.

Antique printed color pictorial map of Wheaton College in Norton, MA, 1929, by Alva Scott Mitchell and Elizabeth Paige May with input from Beatrice Adelaide Colby, Wheaton College Class of 1930, provided specific information about people, buildings, and traditions. This humorous bird's-eye view map was created to raise money for the Student Alumnae Building (built in 1941). Includes The House in the Pines, a private girls high school, and The Hedges, the junior school, and is bordered by drawings of notable buildings and people. Note: The quadrants are incorrect, and are ninety degrees off. ("Oriens" [East] is actually "Meridies" [North].) Very good condition with some wear and tear at the paper edges. Measures approx. 21.75 x 28.75 inches to the paper edges. **SOLD**

Item Number: MAS2067